I know a woman who is really good at her job… but she’s frustrated with her boss.  He has a tendency to say one thing and then make really wonky decisions.  And a lot of times, he just doesn’t see the world very clearly.  She’s trying to work it out with him but some days, it’s really hard.

Monkey chatter in the brain

When there’s a tough boss in the picture, it’s really hard to make yourself do good work.  More often that not, we just give what is necessary to get the job done… mostly because so much of our psychic energy is tied up in the drama of the difficult boss.  Ask yourself why you’re exhausted at the end of the day?  Is it because you worked your fingers to the bone doing manual labor?  Or is it because your brain is tired from the monkey chatter going on inside?  (one is a really good reason to be exhausted… the other, not so much)

The Unimpeded Slide to Mediocrity

We choose what/who to give our energy to.  It may not always feel like a choice, but it is.  Over-filled lives and extreme schedules consume most of our energy already… so it makes sense to be smart about where and to whom we give away our personal power.

Of all the vocational challenges facing us, acceptance of mediocrity is the quietest and the most harmful of all.  There is usually no great pain or trauma involved in accepting mediocrity.  Unlike other adaptive challenges within our vocational callings, it is not a thorn in our side, or a burden we must bear.  Accepting mediocrity is a gentle but deadly threat…

from Sustaining the Spirit
by Catherine and Michael Carotta

Mediocrity is the result when we do just enough to get by… whether it is in our work, our home or our own lives.  Mediocrity comes when we settle for what comes easiest or quickest or cheapest.  The unimpeded slide to mediocrity is what deadens our hearts and souls… it kills our spirits.

If you want meaning and purpose in your life, take a good long look at mediocrity.  And then decide on which side you want to spend your energy.


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