I’m in Minnesota teaching a class.  I was enjoying the beautiful night on the deck at the guesthouse when something * * [ [ C H O M P E D ]  ] * * on my leg with its huge horrible gnashing jaws!  It was awful!  I never saw it coming!

Turns out… there was no way to see it coming… up here in the land of 10,000 lakes they are called… (wait for it)… No See-Ums.  Yes… that’s what the locals call them.

This is what a No See-Um looks like when magnified 300 million times…

No See-Um magnified 300 million times... Really! No joke! I looked it up on Google.

God is a No See-Um

After I bathed in hydrocortisone cream, I laughed.  God is a No See-Um… at least in my life.  If you have the ability to see God coming from a mile away… SHARE with us!

In order to get my full and undivided attention, God sneaks into my life like a thief in the night to catch me unaware.  That’s really the only chance God has of me actually choosing to follow the path.  Otherwise, I’m off of my own volition doing whatever I decide is the best thing… which is more often than not the exact opposite of where God wants me to go.

Is it that way for you too?  Probably not… you’re probably way smarter than me.

Bogus Self-Improvement

There is no practical or compelling reason to leave one’s present comfort zone in life.  Why should you or would you?  Frankly, none of us do unless and until we have to.  The invitation probably has to be unexpected and unsought.  If we seek spiritual heroism ourselves, the old ego is just back in control under a new name.  There would not really be any change at all, but only disguise.  Just bogus “self-improvement” on our own terms.

Any attempt to engineer or plan your own enlightenment is doomed to failure because it will be ego driven.  You will see only what you have already decided to look for, and you cannot see what you are not ready or told to look for.  So failure and humiliation force you to look where you never would otherwise.  What an enigma!  Self help courses of any type, including this one if it is one, will help you only if they teach you to pay attention to life itself.  “God comes to you disguised as you life,” as my friend Paula D’ rcy so wisely says.

from Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

I told you so…

God really is a No See-Um.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Kelsey Jones says:

    Welcome to the joys of the upper-midwest summer bugs 🙂 Love the post, Elaine. God really does CHOMP down on our ankles/legs/arms/neck when we least expect it. It may sting, swell and itch right away, but it sure does get our attention! Thank you for being so bold in spreading the good news 🙂

  2. Thanks Kelsey 🙂 I’m going to start praying for God to make me pay better attention without resorting to No See-Um’s… don’t like those critters at all!

    Glad you enjoyed the post…talk to you soon. Peace for your Wednesday!

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