When I was young and Sesame Street was about the only kids’ show on television, I loved Cookie Monster!  Maybe because he loved cookies too, but also because he was big and blue and fuzzy and spoke in a crazy, inspired voice.  Grover also became one of my favorites… probably for the same reason… but he wasn’t into cookies.  I still love Cookie Monster 🙂

The sad thing is that today Cookie Monster eats veggies.  Don’t get me wrong… veggies are important too… but it’s just not the same.  Too politically correct.  Where is the fun anymore?

I just returned home from two weeks teaching a youth ministry class at Saint John’s University in Minnesota.  It was a wonderful experience and I had the privilege of staying in the Abbey Guesthouse.  Every time I walked in, it was always such a gift to find a fresh batch of cookies waiting in the dining room.  Each day a different flavor… each one a treat at the end of a busy day.

Do you need more cookies in your life?

It came to me toward the end of my stay that cookies were much more than a tasty snack… they became a metaphor for my life.  The past couple of years have been difficult on many levels.  Ups and downs… high’s and low’s… good and bad… busy busy busy and then even more busy.  It’s been a long time since I can remember taking a real vacation.  Not for wanting… simply for doing.

I need more cookies in my life.  More time for the sweet things.  More opportunities for different flavors.  More intention for taking time to bake them.  More focused effort to sit back and eat them.  I do love cookies.

What do you need more of?

What will it take for all of us to find more of what life really means?  What will it take for us to find God in the less obvious places than we’re used to?  When we will make a more intentional effort to savor the sweetness of everyday?

I’m good at it sometimes… I’d like to get better at it.  You’ve probably got your act together.  Would you share a secret recipe or two with the rest of us?

Let’s go make some cookies!


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