Coming Back

A lot has happened in my life since I’ve gone walkabout… a lot.

I’ve traveled about 10,000+ miles in four months.  I’ve sailed to the heights of high school and college graduations and the bowels of cancer and chemo.  I have moved people to new cities and places in life… including myself.  My heart has been painfully shredded more than once.  All in the space of about 16 weeks.  And still… I have been spared from real devastation.

I’ve not had to rebuild after an earthquake or hurricane.  I’ve not lost my hair because of chemotherapy.  I’m not fearful for my safety or that of my children.  I have endured some crazy, insane stress… but others in my life have shown me how to live with grace as I witness their faith in action while we walk some difficult journeys together.

If God would just ask for…

It would be so much easier if God just asked for the tasks… our work.  Then we could put in the hours… see the results… collect the paychecks.

But God asks for our hearts.

The work of our hands is great.  The knowing in our heads is wonderful.  But that’s not enough.  God asks for our hearts… the emotion… the compassion… the faith… the love.

Somewhere along the way we pray…

Yes God!  Use me for good.
I seek to do your will.

And if we are truly to be disciples… followers of this Great Mystery, then our consent is ever-evolving.  We will be consistently surprised by where that consent leads us.

If we’re not, then we have to ask ourselves:  Am I following God’s will or my own?

Maybe that’s a good litmus test for us.

God is ALWAYS full of surprises.

How surprised have you been lately?


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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