I broke my nose when I was about 10.

My whole neighborhood was running circles around my house… literally.  Front yard to back yard and back to front yard.  All different directions.  I don’t remember why… it was some kind of watermelon frenzy or something.

I came around the brick wall corner in the front yard going toward the back.  She came around the same brick wall corner coming from the back yard toward the front… and yes…

* * * { { C R A S H } } * * *  &  < <  ! ! B U R N ! !  > > 

I was taller than her so my nose smacked into her forehead.  I don’t remember anything after that.

Evidently there was a lot of blood…

Did they take me to the hospital?

I’m not sure I ever went to the hospital for that particular injury… (which was probably because there were a whole bunch of other times that I did) …because I woke up with an ice pack on my whole face!

I did manage to figure out that I was at home on the living room couch.

Some Good Advice

If this ever happens to you, take this advice:  Do NOT under any circumstances rush to the bathroom mirror.  It will not end well.  Trust me on that.

Two horrendously huge black eyes… a nose the size of a midget-league football… lips 5 times larger than Mick Jagger’s… and ears that stuck out a mile from my head… (but they did already.)  The neighbor girl had my teeth prints on her forehead for a week >:)  Turns out she was the track team champion sprinter at her school… so I figure she was running mighty fast that day.

What We Can Learn from Elaine’s-Broken-Nose-Incident

There’s an obvious moral to this story:  Don’t run at top-speed around blind corners!

crocodile belch or smelly sneaker... take your pick.

But the greater lesson for this blog is the message of healing.  We all get beat up and knocked down by life everyday.  Sometimes the hurts are paper cuts and sometimes they are broken noses… sometimes they are the equivalent of getting chewed up and spit out like a crocodile belching a dead skunk.  Not pleasant at all.

Sometimes it takes a long time to heal.  (I had black eyes for weeks.)  But eventually we do.

If it’s your soul that needs healing, you’ll have to work at it.  Time… energy… effort… intention… persistence.

I know I quote Richard Rohr, OFM a lot.  Here’s another pearl for you:

If you don’t transform your pain, you will transmit it.

Trust me on that.


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