It’s happened several times lately…

I want to find a particular thing but I cringe because I still have a bazillion packed boxes where it could be and… Lo! and Behold!  I find what I’m seeking in the first place I look.  I now frequently say aloud “Thank you, Jesus!”  (and I look around to see if anyone is listening… )

My most recent search has turned up my healing bowl… a gift from a friend that literally holds thousands of prayers and tears.

I was looking for the bowl because I needed to add some prayers of forgiveness.  A lot has happened in my life / in my head / and in my heart over the past couple of years.  I’m ready to let go of a few things… and the only good place to put them is into the healing bowl.

I thought I was further along in the whole reconciliation process than I am, but no… there is still some baggage to drop off at the nearest altar.  Initially it appeared as if I’d have little trouble moving on but I underestimated the gravity of the painful circumstances and I overestimated my ability and desire to forgive.  I guess healing just takes however long it will take.

Subtle Reminders and Triggers

Way too many ministry-conference-all-nighters in this hotel lobby!

Another friend pix-messaged this photo to me a week ago and it stirred up stuff deep down inside… feelings I thought I’d released a while back.  But no… hidden in the bowels of my spirit, they emerged in the light revealing more junk to surface and reconcile.  It’s all good and I’m grateful for another unexpected opportunity to grapple and conquer these monsters within.  It’s just not how I would have chosen to spend this past week.  But God gives what God will give when the time is right despite our resistance.

Adaptability is the new skill set.

The new trend in business marketing is the need to be adaptable in light of a changing world.  I laugh out loud that it only took an almost-total-economic-meltdown for corporations and CEO’s to figure that out.  In the spiritual life, adaptability is a given.  Look at the story of Jonah and the Whale / Noah and the Ark / Moses and the Burning Bush / the entire set of Gospels!

Adaptability is life.  We have to figure out stuff on a regular basis… hour-by-hour or minute-by-minute… sometimes breath-by-breath.

How well we adapt is how well we heal

So what I’m learning is the give-and-take between adaptability and healing.  It’s not a teeter-totter style relationship… where one side tips up while the other side goes down.  It’s more of a symbiotic way of living… how well we adapt is how well we heal… each is mutually interdependent on the other and cannot exist in isolation.

Healing requires that we change in some way… big or small.  Change means that we adapt in some way… big or small.  Neither occurs alone.

That’s a valuable understanding for me today.  I hope it is for you too.



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