Trying to be okay with the Holy Spirit

My friend has this saying:  I’m working on letting the Holy Spirit be right.

We pray a lot that God’s will be done… (it’s a key phrase in an important daily prayer we like) but how often do we really mean it?

I have access to some great flight benefits… but it requires that I fly standby.  Right now I’m in an airport awaiting my fate on this next flight… it looks doubtful that I’m going to get on… and the later flight is questionable as well.

So here’s the question…

Is it God’s will if I do get on or don’t get on?

If I don’t make this flight then there are ripple effects.  I had planned to do a few errands this afternoon but perhaps all those interactions will not happen now.

A friend is waiting to pick me up on the other end so if  I don’t make it then that changes her whole afternoon too… and all the interactions she may or may not have… which in turn changes whatever interactions other people down the line may or may not have.

Is the Holy Spirit involved here or not?

I don’t know how to answer that.  I want to think there’s a specific reason why I might get on this flight or not… but who knows?  Maybe it just is…. we say:  it is what it is.

The bigger issue is me:  Do I believe that the Holy Spirit is right?  

I am more likely to believe in God’s will when it aligns with my own.  If I get on the flight, it will be God’s will.  If I don’t get on the flight, then obviously God is not answering my prayers.  I wonder how many other times I get trapped in that thinking.

I’m always happier when I get my way.  But what is God’s part in the equation?


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