… if I’m not happy?

Against what appeared to be very stiff odds, I got a seat on yesterday’s flight.  In a text message, my dad said:  You have great karma today!  (He is the reason I get these great flight benefits and so he knows what it’s like to hang out in airports when you get bumped from the standby list.)

So my friend picked me up and we had a wonderful visit over lunch.  And the adventure of life rippled out from there.

So a public < < Thank you Jesus! > > for carrying me home on the time table I was hoping for!

But still the perplexing question:

Is it the work of the Holy Spirit if I’m not happy?

It’s a great question to wrestle with… pause and think about it for yourself.

There’s a tension in it… right?


I cannot begin to fathom driving here... google 'Spaghetti Junction' for more.

Not long ago, I posed this other question to a wise friend of mine:

Where is the intersection of God’s will and mine?

He chuckled and said:  Where do you think?

Immediately I answered:  Not fair!  I asked you!  (Although in the context of our conversation, he had every right and reason to push the answer back on me.)

At the bottom of the story, I said:  I can live with it… but I don’t like it.

He chuckled again… and said:  That’s the tension talking.

Co-operate:  operate together

The work of the Holy Spirit… the will of God… and my internal desire to want to cooperate — co-operate — requires that I live in the tension between the two sides.  Some days I am more willing to shift toward God and other days I am stubborn… entrenching my feet / pointing my toes homeward to my side.

But when I consciously realize what’s going on inside me, I fall back into Job’s prayer:

God… help me want what you want.

It’s a hefty prayer.  Give it a try.


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  1. Donna says:

    Sometimes I think God put’s the intersections in front of us hoping we choose the path that would have been chosen for us. I also believe sometimes the same intesection appears until we have learned the lesson that would lead us down the path that would have been chosen for us.

    I guess I buy into the concept of the TV show Touched By An Angel, where angels appear in someones life just when they needed an Angel (or a team of angels).

    I sometimes wonder if someone is viewing the film or tape of my life as it unfolds, I’m guessing if so that there have been several lmao moments of my life’s bloopers… I have had several moments lately where someone has come into my life “at just the right moment” even if it wasn’t a convenient circumstance. I needed to be there for them, or I needed some part of their life experience at that moment in time. So, I do think there is a lot of planning and many redo moments in life.

    Today I was thinking about this same question and I kind of visualized several lives coming together at just those right moments. My visual was a kind of 3D zipper. Some of the pieces very short a few as long as my own life but coming togehter and seperating at various intesecting moments in all the lifetimes that come together to make up the experiences I have in my life but also that might affect the life experiences of others. So, today in my imagery relating to your question God is one big zipper pull!

    • I like the image of God as zipper pull 🙂 I often think of heaven as one big movie theater where I can put on a reel of film of my life or the life of the world as see it all again.

      Thanks for your comments Donna! Great to know we are not alone 🙂


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