… or a red door mat

As far as I can tell I am the only one with a red door mat… and… people see it.  In a sea of over 800 other door mats in this complex, it stands out and people look when they pass by… I watch them through the sliding glass door.

A red door mat (even this one) is really nothing to get too excited about… and yet it stands out.  Soon when everything in this world turns white for long stretches of time, it will no doubt become more prominent to the eye.

I like it.

When you have a red door mat, people notice.

When you have purple hair

People notice that too… but it’s usually only acceptable if there’s a good reason why you have purple hair.  Caveat:  younger observers typically have less stringent criteria for accepting why you choose to have purple hair.

It happened to me again last night.

I have purple hair again… went for my appointment with Tasha yesterday  (btw… she’s great!  I can give you a referral if you want purple hair too!)  then went onto some evening meetings where I was introduced to a new group.  My introduce-er felt compelled to say to the audience… And don’t think she’s weird or anything… her sister has cancer and so that’s why she has purple hair.

I just smiled.

I mean really what else can you do?  The message was clear:  People with purple hair are weird.

As we were packing up and leaving…

… a much older woman came up to me and quietly said… I love your purple hair 🙂  It looks good on you.

I just smiled.

I mean really what else can you do?

Question of the day:  What do you first think and then say to or about the person with purple hair?


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