Standing at the edge

Quizzical expressions on their faces.

Initially talkative but as we move deeper into the personal encounter with tough questions… quieter… more reserved.

What is vocation?
State in life?  Career or job?  Gift or passion or hobby?

Word association games and stories… trying to pinpoint answers.

And we all walk away more puzzled because we want a concrete definitive answer… but there is none.

Home Run or Strike Out?

Did I provoke deep thought?  Or am I running around in left field totally off-base?

I don’t know.  Only a couple people stayed to continue the conversation.

I don’t know whether the others left disappointed or felt like their time was well spent.  Their poker faces gave no hint.

I have a knack for going all the way to the edge.

In workshops like these… in classes that I teach… in blogs that I write… in conversations and questions.

And sometimes when people follow me, they don’t like it.  Peering over the edge into the grand canyon below makes them feel dizzy.  They get scared and run away.

So I am at a loss for an honest assessment of this past weekend’s work.

Up to you God.  It’s always up to You.

I really want to be with the 94%.

Those are the 61.4 million US Catholics that are uninvolved or uninspired.  They are hungry… they are thirsty… they are willing to walk to the edge and stand in the stiff wind… unafraid of being blown over the cliff.  Unafraid.  So hungry / so thirsty for God that falling means nothing.

The 6% fear a God-Who-Challenges.

The 94 fear not having God at all.

To look over the edge is intoxicating and thrilling.

God is down there somewhere.

Let’s fly.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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