Uncomfortable Places

Last week my friend Teresa said to me “You put yourself in uncomfortable places.”  I was in such a state that by a few thoughts later in the conversation, I had forgotten the power of her words.  But it is not lost on me today.

I just spent the weekend at a prayer retreat at Lake Tahoe.  Oh my!  Was it ever a beautiful setting with gorgeous weather!  Deep and rich spiritual wisdom and insight… just what I needed after a few days of over-the-top stressful life complications.

Pointing the way at Lake Tahoe

The catch… was that the retreat was all in Spanish… which would have been totally fine if I had been practicing my Spanish like I said was going to do.

Alas… I didn’t.

God lives in the uncomfortable places.

Perhaps that is God’s permanent home… the uncomfortable places in our hearts and in our lives and in the world.  Maybe that’s why it feels so hard to walk the spiritual journey.  Maybe that’s why more people don’t even start.  Intuitively we know or sense that it will make us uncomfortable… take us to uncomfortable places… in ourselves and in our encounters with the world.

One step begins the mile.

I am so glad I put myself in another uncomfortable place.  The days at the lake were just what my spirit and my soul needed to be renewed and refreshed.  And even though I didn’t understand everything in Spanish, I understood most of it… and my heart was healed.  Gift comes when you allow yourself to be stretched.

In the hands of the potter

Here is an Advent gift for you.  Don’t be scared by the Spanish title “El Alfarero”… there are no spoken words… just music and video.  Put yourself in an uncomfortable place for a few minutes… put yourself into the hands of the potter.

And see what God can do with you.


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