You would be correct.

…this doesn’t end well.

Yesterday I was at the Reno airport at 5:30 am waiting for a 6:40 flight.  About 6:00 am, I see the pilot come down the jetway stairs onto the tarmac and begin his visual inspection around the plane.

He knelt down to the ground below the engine to inspect a puddle… put his fingers in it… smelled whatever was on his fingers… stood up and called someone on his cell phone.  Walked in a circle while talking… knelt down again and got more puddle on his fingers… smelled it… talked some more… walked over to wipe his fingers on the orange cone.  Went back into the cockpit.

A couple minutes later the white van pulls up and out jumps the mechanic.  He goes to the puddle… kneels down… puts his fingers in the puddle… smells it… repeats.  Then he climbs up the stairs and into the cockpit.

Downhill from there

The mechanic reemerges from his van with headlamp and tools in hand… lays on the tarmac underneath the engine.  After about a minute, he opens up the panels around the engine and then… puddle #2.

There is no visibly obvious panic from the mechanic or any of the other ground crew people.  However I, for one, am really glad that the pilot saw the original puddle and called someone to check it out.

But there is a hint of despair in the body language of the mechanic as he makes his way to the cockpit yet a third time.

It’s 6:40 am… our original departure time… and now there are 3 puddles below the engine.  (You can’t see them because by the time I’d taken the picture, the mechanic had laid down some absorbent granules.)

Lesson bigger than broken plane

So of course, getting on that flight meant that I would make connections in other cities… which didn’t happen.  Apparently my luggage was scheduled to arrive in Casper… but this morning I am in Denver.  I got a text message from the Casper friend who was going to pick me up yesterday that said:  You just can never anticipate your path, can you?

This will have a happy ending because another friend will pick me up in a couple hours and take me to Wyoming which was my original plan.

I am trying to get to Casper to help my husband move into a different house.  We will end up packing and moving everything in about 4 days… or hopefully so once I actually get there.

During the craziness of hanging out in airports yesterday, I prayed to God:  When will my life get back to normal?

I’ve been hitting curve balls for a really long time now… juggling this and that to just get by in the everyday.  There has been a lot of stress… and I’m exhausted.

I keep telling myself that everything will settle down “when life gets back to normal”.  I keep putting things off until my life gets back to normal.

It dawned on me yesterday… this IS normal.

My life has been like this for the past 20 years.  Yes it has.  I’ve been running almost-daily marathons and swatting at curve balls for 20+ years.  Putting off things that I really want to be doing for about 20 years now.  There will never be a time again that I can label Life-Is-Normal.  There just won’t… and that realization hit me square in the jaw yesterday.

So… what to do now?

I’m not sure.  I guess… just keep running and hitting curve balls and juggling all the challenges that pop up.  I mean really… what are the alternatives?  Lay down and let life run me over?  If you know me personally you understand that’s not an option.

Choosing an easy life rarely ends up with much of either.

In my travels yesterday I read again this great book from Hugh MacLeod:  Evil Plans:  Having fun on the Road to World Domination.  (And again… if you know me personally you understand my goal is in fact world domination.)

Click on that headline above and go to one of Hugh’s great cartoons.

It has been my experience that an easy life doesn’t typically end up being an interesting life.  I want an interesting life.

No… actually I want an amazingly fabulous life!  I don’t want a normal life anymore.

And I don’t have so much life left that I can afford to waste any of it.  So…

Onward thou Voyager!


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Monique says:

    All I can say…is that this time the curve balls find you with a teammate! Swing away!

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