… or Muck

The difference between mud and muck is that mud is thick, deep and sticky… and though it’s not a fun place to be stuck, it is after all, basically dirt and water.

Muck… on the other hand… is way more than mud.  And the classic saying goes: It all flows downhill.

Now if you’re at the top of the hill, you probably don’t pay much attention to the flow of muck.  If you’re in the middle of the hill, you catch more or less of it depending on how high up the hill you are or how quickly you can dodge the ensuing stream of muck coming your way.  But if you’re at the bottom of hill?  Well… let’s just say that it’s not pretty.

Pray for the people at the bottom of the muck hill.

Who creates muck?

Sometimes we create our own muck… bad choices… difficult relationships… poor judgment.

Sometimes muck is created in spite of us… bad decisions… difficult people… poor leadership.

Sometimes muck just exists… and it has since the beginning of time.  The big question is how to get unstuck / in the mud… or out-of-the-way / of the muck-slide.

Maybe a larger question is:  Why would you want to?

It seems obvious enough

Stuck in muck? Go hang twinkle lights!

… but a lot of times we stay in the muck.  Because it’s easier.  It’s safer.  It’s what we know and accept.  Even though it’s uncomfortable and smells bad, we stay.  Why is that?

I think because we’re afraid that there might be even more awful muck somewhere else.  We all know people in our lives who deal with worse muck than we do.  But is that a good excuse to stay stuck in our own?

Not for me.

God stirs up the muck

… to make us move.  At least that’s my take on the whole thing.  I have had enough heartache and struggle lately to last the rest of my life.  I have created some of it myself.  Some of it has been dumped on me by other people and situations that I couldn’t control.  And some of it just simply exists.

But honestly, I have this picture in my mind of a huge hand stirring a big black pot over a raging fire and a horrible nasty smell filling the air.  God is stirring the muck in my life so I’ll do something and get out of it.  It’s a very sneaky trick… but I have to tell you that it’s working.

I’m tired of being stuck in muck!  (Sounds very Dr. Seuss-like huh?)

Advent is the perfect time of year to get unstuck.  With only 10 days left I probably won’t figure it all out but I’ll get a good start… and then more in the new year!


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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