Enter now.

I found this in my morning meditation book God Hunger by John Kirvan on page 162.

We touch the surface of good but never feed on its perfection.
Hildegard of Bingen

We ask too little of life.

We live content with what we can already see and measure, wary of what lies just beneath the surface of our days.

We stand at open gateways into the divine, the eternal and the infinite, the ravishingly perfect, the ultimately satisfying.  But we forever hesitate, hold back, not trusting all the signs and symbols of welcome, satisfied with the view through cracks in the wall, lured by glimpses of our Father’s mansion, spooked by rumors of ghosts and ogres, of guard dogs and dungeons, too spoiled or too afraid to accept our Father at his word:  “You are welcome here.  This is your home.”

Enter now.

Have you asked too little?

I have asked too little.  I have lived too little.  I want to live more… so I will have to ask more.  And that will require that I give more.

Look for some big changes coming soon.

For now enjoy this clip.  Peace out.


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