God wants the children to be happy!

Today I am reminded not to take myself or my life too seriously.  In Des Moines a while ago, we stopped at RayGun, self-proclaimed “the greatest store in the universe.”  How can you possibly pass up a place with that moniker?  It’s a hip, quirky, young adult t-shirt and accessories shop with a bit of an irreverent take on the whole Iowa theme.  I coined my own description of ‘mid-western urban style’… if there is such a thing.  What I took away from that shopping experience was the reminder to allow my life to be more fun… (although my wallet was several dollars lighter too).

Years ago in my spiritual wanderings, I came across a phrase:  God wants the children to be happy.

Focus on the Great Commandment

Really?  Sometimes I feel like it’s un-Christian to be happy… that I’m not walking the true spiritual path unless I am focused on… repenting my sins, taking up my cross or making personal sacrifices.  Don’t get me wrong… those are all wonderful acts of faith and I believe that God looks favorably on those who persevere and live this way.  I just can’t do that 24/7/365.

I like the 10 commandments just fine.  But I like Jesus’ greatest commandment even better:  Love God with all your heart, your soul, your mind and your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.  (Luke 10:25-28)  It’s easier to remember and the words remind me to be joyful in giving that love.

God is eternal

We all know there are a lot of dark corners in the world where there is no joy or fun.  If I am to be a disciple–to spread light and love to those places–then I need to be filled with all the genuine goodness that is God-in-my-life.  The darkness cannot be ignored but it can be exposed for what it is… a place that needs something more than what it has.  This too shall pass, but God is eternal.


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  1. Jeff Kaster says:

    Your blogs are fantastic. Keep up the writing. I really like it.

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