In my back pocket

I keep a significant amount of resistance in my back pocket and I pull it out and wave it like a flag whenever Your call gets to be too strenuous.

It is a coping mechanism I know… that gives me an inkling of being in control… at least for the moment.

You let me hold onto that fleeting idea / feeling just long enough to settle my nerves and relieve my fear.

Constantly discovered anew

And St. Gregory of Nyssa today:  The infinite beauty of God is constantly being discovered anew.

Each new glimpse of God is like discovering him for the first time because none of our efforts to tie down, to cling to what is infinite, is of the least avail.

You cannot capture lightning in a jar.

His lightning brilliance flashes through the darkness, but only for a second.  And when the lightning comes again, it is something completely new.  His beauty is ever ancient, ever new, never twice the same.

Gregory adds that God’s beauty “is always seen as something new and strange when compared with what the mind has already understood.”

God is always more.

There is always “more”.  And the more is always new.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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