Hunger.  Plain and simple.

A hunger to seek and to know God present in your life.  An insatiable hunger… one that never goes away no matter how hard you push back.

I push back a lot.

Sometimes when I recognize God’s voice, I ignore it.  I put my fingers in my ears and start singing… La La La… I can’t hear you… La La La.

Sometimes I shout right back:  No Way!  Are you nuts?

Many times I am very direct… I put my hands on my hips / defiantly push my nose toward heaven / stomp my foot and yell to the sky:  Absolutely NOT!

Then I point my finger to wherever God seems to be in the moment, shaking it vigorously and say:  I will not be told what to do…

and then I walk away determined to live life my own way on my own terms.  I do have free will and a decent conscience after all.  Thank you very much God!

God is gracious.

God is so very patient and gracious with me to indulge my tantrums.  What more could anyone ask of a supreme being?  I mean really.

What if we would all live this way?  Let us get it all out of our system and then move forward.  Maybe we’d have a much more peaceful and loving world.

God is smart that way.

Once I’ve said my peace and my emotion is drained then I sit back all smug in my victory and realize that the hunger is still there.  Maybe it was buried and hidden deep in me for a while… but inside I am still starving for something to satisfy my soul.

A classic image comes from French philosopher Blaise Pascal:

There is a God-shaped hollow that exists in every person that can only be filled by God alone.

I know it is there in me.  I bet you feel it too… which is probably why you’re reading this now.

This hunger makes me grow my soul.

This hunger keeps me seeking.

This hunger disrupts my status quo.

Starting in March…

I’m going to offer you a gift for Lent… a series of video chats called I’m Looking for God.

I hope you’ll join the journey.  More coming later this week.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

3 responses »

  1. susan says:

    Looking forward to more info on Growing your Soul. Caught my interest. I feel hollow.
    Enjoy spending spiritual time reading, contemplating, choosing. Observing your journey. Listening. Making less errors down my path, my reality….
    What works for me is practicing RAOK {random acts of kindness} easier than you think.
    Grows my soul.

  2. Karen Barreras says:

    I am looking forward to receiving “A Plan to Grow Your Soul,”. Thank you.

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