St. Gregory of Nyssa

How can that which is invisible reveal itself in the night?

The night strips away the surface of the world.

But only if we surrender to its darkness can we see what is always there, waiting for us behind the sunlit brilliance of the day.

The night is rich with God who waits to be heard in its silence, waits to be seen in its shadows.

But we are tempted to fill up its silence with a thousand other, less demanding voices, tempted to banish the shadows with day-bright images.

We are, to be honest, far more comfortable with a burning bush than the cloudiness of the journey, or the dark at the mountain’s top.

“I have been here all along,” says night’s voice, “but you have to leave the day behind.”

from God Hunger by John Kirvan

Everyone loves a burning bush.

Because it’s obvious… right?  Don’t have to guess this way or that… don’t have to choose one or the other.  Burning bushes point the way.  Definitively.  So easy!

How many burning bushes have you encountered in your life?

Yea… me either.  None.

There have been many experiences that I thought were burning bushes… but looking back I suspect those moments of clarity were the result of prayer and discernment.  I was actively attuned to what God was trying to accomplish in and through me and so I was able to participate well.  {Rather than hinder… which is what I am most often better at doing.}

We are more comfortable with burning bushes than dark nights.

In the dark is silence… obscurity… stillness… fear.

Fear because we can’t see… don’t move… afraid to stumble / fall and get hurt.

So much easier to wait until sunrise and let everything be seen in the light… more reassuring to fill the void with ten thousand distractions than to wait in the unknown… more comforting to stand in the crowd in the day than to lie alone in the dark.

We move to where we feel safe.

But the night is rich with God who waits for us to come to the silence in our souls… in the shadowed corners.. in the darkness behind the sunlit brilliance of day… on the far side of the moon.

That’s where we’ll find a burning bush.


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