Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
even though it leads nowhere?

This line from the song by Adele has been running through my head for the past couple days.  I have become a huge fan in recent months and frequently sing along to her CD’s in my car.  What a tremendous voice and a soulful heart!

Even though her lyrics speak of a love-gone-bad relationship, I often hear them with ears bent toward my relationship with God… where I am the one who did the hurting… where God is calling out to me saying “We could have had it all… rolling in the deep.”

Unlike the spurned lover, God stands ever-ready to receive me home again.  There is nothing more required of me other than a heart that seeks wholeness and forgiveness.

So the question is answered.

I should keep chasing pavements… keep running after God… because God keeps running after me.

And though it may seem to lead nowhere… there is a final destination.  But it is so beyond anything I can imagine that I have no way to even begin to see it clearly in this earthly life.

If I give up… then I have nothing.

And anyway… it goes against my nature to give up.

Peace on the journey.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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