That one moment

Have you ever had a moment of such profound insight that it totally knocked you right off your rocker?  Maybe it even threw you to the ground from your horse like St. Paul in the Bible… perhaps it was a moment of such brilliant light that it rendered you temporarily blind or speechless.

My moments of insight usually come at strange times… after the hurt.

It’s always personal.

This last go-round of ministry-job-loss was not nearly as painful as previous experiences… but nonetheless, I felt a very unpleasant sting.

It is tempting to believe that decisions of this nature are just business… money-driven… but there is a personal element to them too… it’s always personal.

And when it’s personal, it’s usually painful.

An Unpleasant Sting

For me, pain is a clarifying agent.  Like adding vinegar in the dishwasher to cut the mineral spots.  Like putting a box of baking soda in the fridge to eliminate odors.  Like having whitener in your toothpaste for brighter teeth.

Pain helps me cut through the chaos and confusion to see better.  Completely ironic I know… but true.

On the Other Side of Heartache

And so on the other side of heartache, I have this crystalline-clear understanding of what I need to be about and what I need to be doing.

Then I smack myself on the forehead and shout to the world:

I’m sorry, God! … again!
Yes… evidently I AM that thick-headed.
Yes… I know you’ve been trying to tell me this all along.
Yes… I’m sorry that I didn’t listen before… I’ll try harder next time.
Yes… I know your way is better than mine… I’m working on it.

This moment of  insight and clarity sets me back on track.

God and I are on the same side of the street again.  { Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you that story 🙂 }


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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