LA Congress

So I’ve been in Anaheim for the past few days at the Religious Education Congress with 30,000+ of my closest Catholic friends from all over the world.

[ My friend has 5000+ Facebook friends and tells me how hard it is to manage that many relationships… I wouldn’t know because I only have a few handfuls of FB friends… so you get the tongue-in-cheek reference to my 30k LA friends, right? ]

This has been a wonderful time to reconnect with those who live far away from me.

Dan and I had breakfast on Sunday morning.  It was gift.

Look Up

Dan has walked with me during the most painful ministry moments I have ever had… and his own experience in church circles lends great wisdom and expertise to help me keep on keeping on.

Over this particular omelette, we had an intense conversation with one of his colleagues about What-Could-Be.  Totally unplanned and unexpected… no thing / no time with God is ever wasted… we move toward a new edge in ministry.  And we all agree that standing on the leading wave of change is risky… new ideas are hard-sells.

I am transported in thought… Real innovation cannot come from within the institution… but still we persevere for the sake of the call.

Going Up

So later… I am off to another workshop… and this is where I have to go.

At the Anaheim Convention Center... very steep... quite long... a little scary... oh SO slow.

Two thoughts scream through my brain… both are extremely relevant for me in the here and now.

Thought #1:  I am clearing the clutter from my soul.

My friends are helping me do an extreme interior home makeover and challenging me to rise above where I have been… personally and professionally / emotionally and spiritually.  It feels like each is jumping in at just the right moment… with just the right words… to lift me up onto the balcony so I can see above the chaos that has rocked my world.

These are my people… the ones I long to be with on a regular basis… the ones I need to be with.  They help me to be a better me.

If you are reading now, probably you are one of these people for me… so I thank you.  Whether you are someone that I eat omelettes with or we trade thoughts here on this blog… we are connected.  Don’t think for a moment that I take you for granted.

Thought #2:  God is ratcheting me up a level.

All that I have been through has served me well.  I have learned so much… though some moments have been extremely painful.

But having lived through them one breath at a time, I can say without hesitation that the journey has been graced.  There is always a  resurrection.

God never allows us to stay in one place for too long.  Now is the time for me to go up… to some place new.

Lead onward O God!


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. susan says:

    Elaine, you are the strongest woman I know.

  2. […] couple of days ago, I wrote this blog:  Going Up ( <– click to read… it was pretty good.)  And I included a picture of an […]

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