I have a little confession to make.

A couple of days ago, I wrote this blog:  Going Up ( <– click to read… it was pretty good.)  And I included a picture of an escalator.

My confession:  I wasn’t ready in the moment with my camera phone when I first went up the escalator.  So later I had to go back down and then ride back up in order to get the picture.

Here’s what the original escalator ride looked like:

I was the only one going up and a whole bunch of people were coming down.

As you can see, everyone else was coming down while I was going up.  In fact… I was the only one going up.

That was when I had a revelation!

Thought #3:  I’m going against the flow.

{ Now if you are familiar with that blog from a couple days ago, you will understand that I am well aware that traditional numbering systems tend to start at 1.  Here and now… I am already on 3. }

Honestly… my first ride up this long scary escalator looked just like this.  And I thought to myself:

I’m going against the flow… for a good majority of my life, I have been going against the flow.  Maybe that’s what these painful heartache moments have been about.

Do not conform yourselves to this world but be transformed.

Evidently I have taken that Bible verse to heart.  I am a non-conformist.  And there’s a price associated with that.

The up-escalator ride made me look deeper at what discipleship really costs.  In all of those faces staring back at me I understood what a gift it is to be called to such a worthy adventure.  Thank ya, Jesus.

The Escalator Lessons

  1. Clean out the clutter in my soul.
  2. God is ratcheting me up a level.
  3. Go against the flow.

It’s funny what simple everyday experiences can inspire in you.


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