The Tension of Opposites

On the journey of late, I am hearing / feeling / discovering some things about myself that are new / old… dealt with / not dealt with… coming back / going away.

The Easter Sunday homily at my in-law’s parish in Denver reminded of this wisdom that has long been part of my prayer:

We cannot get to Resurrection unless we first live through Good Friday.

Like all good spiritual truth, each time a pearl of wisdom comes around it has a deeper meaning.

My Lesson

It is time to live in resurrection.  I have dwelt too long on Good Friday.

There have been a lot of reasonably decent and justifiable rationales for living in Good Friday all these years… but it’s time to move forward… on a lot of fronts.

And so here I offer to you all a bit of Easter joy from my house to yours.  Take a peek.

Lay-D Egg-Aga

Easter joy to you!


About Elaine Menardi

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