I was so restless this morning.

Usually my mornings start with dark / quiet / solitude / hot hot coffee / writing / and prayer.  But I was so restless this morning that my spirit just wouldn’t settle.

I felt so distracted… enough that I said “Okay… no blog today!”

What excuses can I make?  Showered / dressed / packed the laptop / headed over to Starbucks / parked / tried to walk in.

What Happened Next

I parked right next to a car with Nevada license plates.  So weird… because I happen to be in Casper, Wyoming.

Hmmm… God.  What are you trying to tell me?  [ I just had a deal with Nevada license plates… you can click HERE to read. ]

Then I sling my heavy backpack over my shoulders / look up / and see this bumper sticker on another car nearby.

Double hmmm…. in Wyoming / next to a Nevada car / seeing a message that tells me to Coexist.

More coffee and a breakfast sandwich

Okay God… I’m working on a blog post in my head.  I get it!

Emailed the pic of the sticker to myself / opened it on my laptop / looked closer… the car is from a dealer in Denver { that’s why I didn’t crop the photo }… another connection… someday I will return to Denver to live out my days.


My prayer comes full circle.

God is telling me to coexist in the complexity and chaos…

I have been struggling with it all of late.  And my prayer has felt restless.  I’ve been trying to answer too many questions with one ideal solution.  Everything about my life now is complex and chaotic and there are no easy resolutions.  No matter how much I want a sleek, simple response, God sends me one word… Coexist.  { I guess one word is a sleek, simple response }

God doesn’t answer prayers with license plates and bumper stickers.

I really truly don’t believe that these were messages from God planted at just the right place at just the right time.  My brain and my heart are constantly seeking out connections to answer my questions.  I am the one who put the implied meaning in these tangibles today.

But isn’t it interesting?  I encountered what my restless spirit needed to see and hear this morning.  And now it is captured in an unplanned blog post.

I just find that so amazing and so very cool… God-thing or not.  It’s cool!


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Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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