When I graduated from college

I just needed 3 things:  an apple, a rabbit and a blazer.  I knew that as soon as I acquired these I would be set for life.  I’d never need to buy them ever again.

Well… you got that wrong Laine!

I still have never had an Apple { computer }… my daughter had a bunny once but I’ve never had a Rabbit { VW car }… however I did briefly have a Blazer { 4×4 sport utility }.  [After less than 2 years, circumstances were such that we sold the Blazer and with the small profits, I bought a mountain bike with a baby seat and two helmets… one big and one little.]

Permanent Markers / Permanent Glue

The word permanent has enough power to strike fear in the hearts of parents these days.

Permanent markers … aka Sharpies … leave messages everywhere!  In my experience… on the underside of coffee tables… on every potted planter in my house… on all sorts of clothing items… and yes… on my baby nephew’s forehead.

Now permanent glue is another thing entirely.

“If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1000 times.  Do not… I repeat DO NOT super-glue your sister’s toes together  ever again!”

And the permanent record… a maniacal beast.

Where do we get it stuck in our heads that how we are is how we will always be?  Or how life is at this moment is how life will always be?

For those unaware of this guilt-laden phrase… permanent record was used to keep naughty kids in line.

If you disobey the rules it will go on your permanent record and you’ll never amount to anything.
If you don’t follow directions it will go on your permanent record and you’ll never get a job.
If you don’t believe this way it will go on your permanent record and you’ll go to hell.

Okay… you get the drift.

[ I have yet to see my permanent record… I keep waiting for some nun in black habit to whip it out while I am jay-walking.  Maybe I shouldn’t actually see it… probably just make me depressed. ]

The Journey That Is Life

Like you, each new day presents more challenges for me.  Also like you, each new days presents more opportunities.  There is a certain lack of permanence that is part of every moment.

All those years ago, I honestly believed that one Apple and one Rabbit would mean that I’d never have to buy another computer or car ever again.  It’s pretty easy to see now how flawed that kind of thinking is.

But what about?

Who I am and what I believe.
What makes me happy and who I love.
What I can create and offer to the world.

There is nothing permanent about any of these.  As humans, we are constantly evolving… or at least we should be if we want to be good humans.

So this lack of permanence is a good thing even though it calls us to constantly change.  It means we get a chance to do something different.  We’re not locked into one way of doing / being / thinking.

We get to co-create our lives with God’s help.  It’s an eternal life thing.

P.S.  I don’t think there ever was such a beast as the permanent record.  So there!


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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