Isn’t Reality-TV something else?

Yes... that's a real Transformer cake!

It’s a phenomenon that’s already recorded in the history books… and I’m sorry (if you’re a fan)… but I just don’t get it.  Actually I do… but I just can’t give away my valuable time and energy to watch people be so mean to each other.

If we’re going to showcase back-stabbing gossip and treachery, let’s just package it up in a good action flick complete with superheroes and special effects.

So it’s only on the rare occasion that I ever watch reality shows… and when I do it’s usually with my daughters and we tune into Cake Boss (Buddy from Hoboken, New Jersey is pretty funny) or Say Yes to the Dress (not quite as funny).

What do you say Yes to?

In this show, the bride-to-be is documented on a very public journey as she goes in search of her perfect wedding dress.  Family and friends-in-tow, it usually turns into quite the epic adventure filled with tears, arguments, mean-spirited comments and testy salespeople.

Though I have yet to see a bride who doesn’t find a dress, it’s always a possibility that the show will end without one.  Sometimes you hear your heart saying silently or you even say out loud:  Say Yes to the Dress!  Please!  It’s beautiful on you!

So it makes me think:  What else do I say Yes to?

The Call

I mentioned before that I recently spoke at a women’s discernment dinner to a group of college students.  We talked about “The Call”.  The call to life… the call to ministry… the call to vocation.

What does that mean?  The call.

And in church circles we talk a lot about “answering the call”… to life / to ministry / to vocation.

We hear this all the time:  Say Yes to God’s call for you.

How do we say Yes?  More importantly… how do we keep saying Yes?


On the days when it feels hard, I hear myself cry out:

God!  What do you want me to do?
Where do you want me to be?

Those questions consume my prayer and I feel like God is calling me to something / somewhere new but I just don’t know what that is and I work myself up into a tizzy with anxiety and frustration because I just can’t hear God’s voice or discern a direction and then there’s tears and lashing out at the people around me and a little bit of a temper tantrum (or maybe a lot depending on your definition) and then a meltdown that turns into a collapse-in-a-heap-on-the-floor shaking my fists toward heaven…

God!  Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!

The response:  Just say Yes.

I do actually believe that God can do anything… A-N-Y-THING!  [ I have seen a lot of remarkable stuff. ]

The God-I-Know is so much bigger and wider than the one that many people and institutions try to cram in a box.

If God wants me to be someplace else / doing something else then that’s where I would be.  God would make sure of it.

But I’m not.  I’m here.  So this must be where I’m supposed to be.

All I have to do is say Yes.  To this place.  To this space.  To this purpose.  In this moment.  One more Yes.

Been-Around-the-Block and Still Kicking!

This prayer has been around forever since the internet first started.  You’ve definitely had it in your Inbox more than once.  Here’s an adaptation to take with you.

Peace for your day!


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