A Little Behind the Curve

Juice and a snapshot of my desk!

I bought a juicer last week.  Yes I know… I’m a little behind the curve of the juicing craze.  Sometimes that’s how it is… even for typically-early-adopters.

Honestly… this juicer is a beast!  A whole lot of fruit { I’m not crazy about veggie juice } for a little bit of juice… and a hefty clean-up.  But this morning, I have a tasty drink:  Strawberry-apple-pear-orange-kiwi-lime-coconut-water!

One of these days I might try an actual recipe!

And a Sunday Homily

Transformation… there has been plenty of transformation.

Something has changed way down deep inside myself.  I haven’t really been able to call it by name yet… I just know that something is different.

And I laughed as I was ‘juicing’ last night!

After you put the fruit in the chute, juice comes out of the spout but then dry pulp comes out the back end.

The recipe books says “Save the pulp and bake it into muffins or add it to soup!”

Honestly… there is so much pulp that I’d have to bake dozens of muffins or kettles of soup every week in order to keep up.

Juicing the Soul

So what’s the connect you ask?

The juice is coming out of my soul… and the pulp is coming out the other side.  Keep the juice and dump the pulp.  Working on it.



About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Dan Mulhall says:

    Perhaps you have it backwards. Perhaps the juice is etherial, the pulp essential. Just thinking.

    • Yes… that’s worthy of some good reflection time. Okay, it’s on my list… I’ve got a lot of those thoughts to throw into the prayer-juicer just now. My other biggie is from John Shea’s stories that I was listening to en route to Santa Rosa on Monday. “Wherever you are that is your path.”

      Thanks for your insight Dan 🙂

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