I know you’re not going to believe this story but I’m gonna tell you anyway.

And let me warn you… it’s not real flattering to me.  Which  should be a good indication that I’m telling you the honest-to-God truth.

The Next 36 Hours

Now if you don’t know the story of Mr. Spider, take a quick read:  A Spider Lives in My Car.  You will want to hear the back-story before reading on.

The last 36 hours passed without incident.  Mr. Spider had not reappeared and the temps had turned south, so I assumed that he was now frozen toast… decomposing slowly somewhere in my car.

I was so embarrassed.

Rushed out the door yesterday evening to get to Theology on Tap.  Sat down in the driver’s seat… OUCH!  A small lump… and then pain!  Like sitting on a pin or a tack.

I moved my hand over the seat but didn’t really pay too much attention because I was in a hurry.  Buckled up / drove over to Coach’s BBQ / got out of the car / rubbed the sore spot on my right cheek.

O-M-G!  There’s a huge hole in my pants!  Look!

Great… just great.  Okay… sling my bag over my back-side… try to pull my jacket down low… suck it up and act like nothing’s wrong.  {Luckily we will be sitting most of the time.}

Finally!  ToT’s done!  It’s dark.  I can sneak back to the car.

Mr. Spider Is Dead

Get home… change my pants… look what falls to the floor…

Mr. Spider is definitely dead.

Somehow or other, he had crawled into the hole in my pants and bit me on the butt!  Got the mark to prove it.

No… I am not joking.

I can hardly believe this chain-of-events.

I’m sure there’s a God-story in here somewhere… but just now I am at a loss.

Pull yourself together… and stop laughing at me!

Just keep in mind that there could be a spider living in your car…

… or maybe a snake!


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Dan Mulhall says:

    Why did I know that this was how the story was going to end? Any lasting results from the spider bite? God story–don’t always be in such a hurry that you can’t look where you sit even though you know that trouble lurcks nearby.

    • I know… I too had a feeling that Mr. Spider was going to reappear a third time and bite me. I just didn’t think it was going to be on my behind. Minimal inconvenience from the bite… huge trauma to the psyche! 😉

      And yes.. I should slow down. That is my goal of late. To my credit however is the fact that it was a black spider on a black car seat! Really, neither of us stood a chance. It was doomed to happen… though it does make for a silly little story 🙂

      Good Wednesday!

  2. […] the drama of Mr. Spider surfaced among our office staff, one of my co-workers told a story about a friend who had a snake […]

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