Just Under 2 Years Ago

I started writing this blog for the parish I was working at so we could get the word out about a new ministry program.  I was hoping that it would help people feel more closely connected to the faith community and would also provide an easy and cheap way to make info available for the projects we were creating.

Whether it was the spiritual nature of the program… “We can’t do God-things on the internet!”… or maybe the standard age of the participants… can you say Baby-Boomers?… blogging just didn’t work for these people.

Then that job went away

A few months after starting the blog, I was laid off from that parish.  It was my second church job lay-off in less than 18 months.  What started happening after that was me writing to process the pain and anguish.  My personal story was being told in daily blog posts.

It was a good release.  Many of my ministry colleagues from around the country sent me words of encouragement and leads for jobs.  Honestly… looking back now it was all kind of a blur.  I just kept spilling my guts on WordPress.

Somewhere along the way, I got the wild idea that I too could create an online business via blogging.  I spent a lot of time and energy hunting down social media wisdom and internet-famous people that could point me in the right direction.  One day, I stumbled upon GapingVoid.com and Hugh MacLeod’s cartoons.


I was inspired!

And I’m still inspired.

I am finally coming to the end of a long grieving process… or at least I hope so.  There has been a huge transformation going on inside me these past few weeks.  I can actually feel dead places in my soul budding back to life like flowers poking up through snowy ground.

Freedom Is Blogging

I have forever been a journal-writer.  There is a lot of gold buried in the 100-odd-pounds of spiral books looming in my basement.  This blog has given me the platform and the courage to share my stories with the world.  Not an easy thing for an introvert.

I have also gained a voice… that apparently is being read by a lot of people in ministry.  It’s really hard to be a lay woman working in the Catholic Church these days.

Priests especially… don’t like their foibles to be broadcast to the cyberworld… or their secret elephants-in-the-room to be discussed.  Internet and blogging is way too much exposure for these men-in-black.

Alas… the cat’s outta the bag!

Thanks Hugh.

I just bought his new book today:  Freedom Is Blogging In Your Underwear.  You should buy it too.

Btw… I don’t actually blog in my underwear… usually I’m in my PJ’s.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. […] last Friday, I was participating in a live video chat with Hugh MacLeod { {  Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear } } … a really cool idea by the way… and after an hour I went to shut down my laptop / […]

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