Mr. Spider

When the drama of Mr. Spider surfaced among our office staff, one of my co-workers told a story about a friend who had a snake crawl into her lap from underneath the front dashboard of her car.  Evidently, it had escaped from a neighbor’s house and slithered into a warm engine block only to emerge the next day when a revving carburetor got to be too much. The friend was so freaked out that she couldn’t bear to drive the car anymore and sold it!

That reminded me of a great story!

Paint the scene…

I worked at a Catholic parish in a building which was actually the old rectory.  My office was on the 2nd floor at the back corner.  Fr. John’s office was directly below mine on the 1st floor.  Sue the bookkeeper’s office was at the front of the building on the 2nd floor just down the hall from me.  Her office was directly connected to a bathroom.

Sue was notorious for waiting until the absolute last critical moment before sprinting off to the bathroom… so she was always in a desperate rush.  On this particular day, I happened to hear her footsteps run across the creaky wooden floor.

I’m gonna throttle him!

A huge scream!  Then “I’m gonna kill him!”  I peek out my door to see her charging downstairs shaking one fist and holding her khakis up with the other.

Almost instantaneously… I hear a muffled voice from below say something that shouldn’t be repeated here and then the back door downstairs slams.

I hear Sue stampeding down the hall shouting “Yea… you better run!” and then screeching tires pealing out of the parking lot in front.

I go to Sue’s bathroom to investigate.


The toilet bowl has been covered with plastic wrap and a rubber snake is staring straight up at me!  It’s a wonder Sue didn’t wet her pants.

In the moment, we tried not to laugh… for Sue’s sake.  She really was going to wring his neck.

But it was incredibly funny.  Fr. John got her good!

Moral of the Story(ies)

Try not to sit on spiders in your car.

Definitely look in the toilet before you squat.

Peace for Friday!


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