The Webinar Incident

So last Friday, I was participating in a live video chat with Hugh MacLeod { {  Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear } } … a really cool idea by the way… and after an hour I went to shut down my laptop / grabbed the mouse / Aaayy… iiiiyy … ooooyy … ooowww!

Excruciating pain!  I couldn’t even click the mouse… my arm hurt so bad.

Turns out that as I was watching and listening intently, I was tilting my head off to the side… squishing all the nerves that run from my neck over to my shoulder and down my right arm all the way to my fingers.  My whole arm hurt if you just looked at it.  It was useless.

And I happen to be right-handed so this was terribly inconvenient.

I did my best over the weekend to nurse it back to health but Monday afternoon found me at the chiropractor’s office.

I Liked Him Immediately

This is a brand new city for me which means he was a brand new chiropractor for me.  I liked him right off the bat… until…

In his initial assessment he stood and just looked at me.  Then we had this back-and-forth:

Dr. Casey:  Your head’s not on straight, is it?
Me:  No… actually it’s not.

Dr. Casey:  And you’re off balance, aren’t you?
Me:  You have no idea.

Dr. Casey:  You sleep with your arms over your head, don’t you?
Me:  Yes… I’ve been sleeping in my head for a while.

Now this is my kind of conversation!

Chiropractic doesn’t work for everyone.

But it does work for me.  And that simple little exchange in the moment was humorous but revealing on so many levels.

Dr. Casey of course, was talking about my physical alignment… or rather lack-of-alignment.  I of course, was talking about my emotional-spiritual alignment… or rather lack thereof.  And it was cool because we both knew exactly what the other really meant.

There is a deeply spiritual side to the art of chiropractology… or whatever the proper name for it is.  Perhaps that is why it works so well for me.

Then Came Yoda

So that first adjustment unjammed my neck and my shoulder and the healing began.  Thank you Jesus!  I can click a mouse again!

And that day also happened to be my birthday.  I got home with a mostly pain-free shoulder and opened up a present… Yoda!

His head is the snooze alarm and his tummy lights up!  I love it!

There’s a deeply spiritual side to Yoda too.

Lesson for the Day

You just never know where or when God is going to show up in your life.

And you have to be ready all the time.

Peace out.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. susan says:

    Why is your life so interesting? Makes me think, laugh, remember your words.

    • Your life is interesting too… I think that we just need to look for the other side of what we live through… where’s the message that we are supposed to receive in the everyday circumstances. It requires a deeper searching and desire to see differently. Sometimes it requires turning our head and our hearts in the opposite direction. Just be careful not to pinch any of those nerves in your neck!

      Peace 🙂

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