Flush:  the Video

If you have been here more than once over the past few months then you know that massive changes have been shifting my outside life and huge transformations have been shaping my inside life.  Just the normal kinds of things that happen to people like jobs… family… moving… etc.

I recently made a short 30-second video that helped me release all the negative things that I want to leave behind so I can move forward to the future.  A few days ago I used the phrase “need to rearrange the stuff in my brain to make room for new stuff” to describe the event.

It was very therapeutic by the way!

What I thought about this morning…

… in prayer was what happens when I inadvertently revisit all this junk that I want to let go of?

Will I let it hurt me again?  Or will I try to stuff it all back inside… because I’ve let it go?

And then I thought of this profound saying:  You can’t step into the same river twice.

What does that mean?  Well, it is never again the same river… too much water has passed for it to be even remotely similar.  The same fish might live in the same little eddy but all in all, it’s a different river.

That’s great theology!

Yes it is.  God is ever-changing but always the same.  And I too am ever-changing but always the same.

So it makes me think of that great song by Journey…

Don’t stop believin’… hold onto that feelin’… another great birthday present!

Don’t stop believing that the future will be better.  Hold onto that feeling that the past has taught some great lessons.


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