A Working Dinner

I was at a downtown Reno Vietnamese restaurant last night with a ministry colleague who had just arrived from New Jersey and will do some retreat presentations here this week.  We spent a few minutes going over the schedule and making last minute decisions.  Some fabulous food arrived and we settled into that back-and-forth chitchat about family and ministry life.

Storm clouds had been brewing all afternoon but the hefty winds indicated that everything was going to blow over… so nothing to worry about like jackets or umbrellas.

At the Exact Moment

I was just warning her to be sure and drink lots of water because our humidity levels around here have been hovering at 3% and 4% … extremely dry even for a desert.

We got up from the table to go pay the bill and I looked out the window… downpour!

So I was wrong… actually right now, it’s 100% humidity… and we laughed.

In any place in the world the classic line applies:  If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.  It all turned on a dime.

Which Made Me Think

How often life turns on a dime.

One moment everything is great… and in the next breath comes a ‘Dear John’ letter… or an accident… or a diagnosis… or fill-in-the-blank.

Sometimes it’s as simple as being unprepared to walk to your car in the downpour of huge raindrops… other times it’s more dramatic or traumatic.

Sparky Anderson was a colorful personality in the world of Major League baseball, most notably as the manager of the Detroit Tigers.  I always loved watching him on television… he is known for the classic kick-dirt-at-the-umpire move after a controversial call.

One of his pearls of wisdom stands out for me:

Every 24 hours the world turns over on a man who thought he was on top of it.

… aka … life turns on a dime.

How are we to respond?

The only answer that seems to work for me is really hard… surrender to God.

Surrender what I had planned… give up what I expected… let go of getting my own way.

Like I said… really hard.


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