At WTU in Washington DC

This week I’m on the team for NDDI… New Diocesan Directors Institute… for the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry.  This week long retreat/institute is a training for people who have been in diocesan youth ministry positions for less than two years.

These directors are coming from all over the country and one even from Canada… especially from the West.  Yay for Regions 11 and 10 and 12!


My part of the presentation is called the Spirituality of the Diocesan Leader and one of my talking points will be… Run!  The zombies are coming to get you!

Diocesan ministry is a whole ‘nother animal!  Trust me on that.

Don’t get me wrong… people in diocesan ministry are not flesh-eating zombies.  When I arrived last night, I was so renewed even just  to see my friend at the airport.  It was like fresh air in my soul.  These are my people and they fill me up.

No… the zombies come in the day time.  In some of the challenges and obstacles that we face in the everyday ministry.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Please pray for all these great people this week.  And pray for the team that we do a good job.

Peace out.


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