Bread C-h-U-n-K-S

I had some stale bread that I put out on my little patio for the birds.  I’ve done this hundreds of times in my life as I’m sure you have too.

Big birds are squabbling with little birds for their place at the table.  Tiny birds are flying off with more than they appear able to carry.

What’s different about today is that C-h-U-n-K-S are disappearing… not just crumbs.  Are the birds also feeling the stress of the economic pinch these days?

God Counts Every One

It was a few years ago when I bought several bird feeders and hung them just outside my living room window.  Every morning, I woke early to sit in the pre-dawn darkness and watched them come for breakfast.  Every day my prayer started with…

See how God counts every sparrow… surely you are more important.

In those days I probably went through almost 50 pounds of birdseed a month.  It was a worthy prayer.

Circumstances changed and the bird feeders were packed away.  A couple weeks from now they will be unpacked and put out in our moving sale.  Probably no one will know what special significance they hold for me… a simple reminder that God is taking care of me and my family as we undergo yet another massive transition.

What next?

I don’t know how this is all going to work out.  I’ve got most of the details in place… but we all know that in the end, things just happen as they will.

I’m doing better at managing that anxiety but it’s still scary sometimes.

For now I’m just resting in the prayer…

See how God cares for them all.


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