Between the Quiet and the Noise

Now that the weather has decided to turn into summer, I like to open the windows and doors for early morning coffee.

The fresh air and the sounds of the world calm my soul and connect my spirit to the Bigger-than-Me.

Between the Quiet and the Noise, I hear birds singing… sprinklers bursting… an occasional car start up and drive away… an airplane just now… and a dog.

My heart often cries out:

Talk louder God!  I can’t quite hear what you’re saying.

My brain kicks into gear:

What’s on tap today?  What should I wear?  Who do I need to talk to?

My soul asks:

Who will I serve today?

Some days I do pretty good… other days I just don’t get it right at all.

what IS possible?

Right now I am listening to the sprinklers… I can see water spreading over the edge of the concrete… my prayer comes out:

God… what IS possible?
Given this particular set of circumstances / people / potentials…
what CAN we create today?

That’s important distinction from my classic approach.  Rather than feeling frustrated about what’s not there, I should focus on what is there and how it can best be used.

[ feels a bit like Iron Chef… Here!  Use these obscurely odd ingredients and make a tasty dinner!  Good luck! ]

Shift:  Me-at-the-Center => God-at-the-Center

It’s taken me a long time to realize what the shift is.  And now that I understand, it will change everything every day… or even more frequently as the circumstances / people / potentials change.

What is possible using this new set of ingredients?

I find a lot of good answers between the Quiet and the Noise.

Where do you find yours?

Share your wisdom.

so quiet you can hear the corn grow…


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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