1600+ Miles in 4 days

Equals lots of open range desert and closet-time… that is brain-less minutes to think / talk / pray.  I find that my most authentic words tend to come when I tool along the western highways.  For some people, it’s tedious and dreadful… but I love it.

Hwy 34 Wisdom

Reach forward with two empty hands.

I’ve been living with my feet in two worlds for almost a year now… one still firmly planted in Wyoming and the other tentatively standing in Nevada.  It has often felt like I’ve been straddling an earthquake fault line.  The ground on both sides has rumbled and shifted… some days I think I will fall to the center of this seismic crack in the earth and be lost forever.

It is not a comfortable place to be.  In fact, it’s downright scary.

W-W-Indiana Jones-D?

Deep breath.  Glance to the heavens.  Crack the whip.  Swing to the other side.

But which side?  Easy… the forward side.

What the vast miles taught me yesterday was that I can’t hold onto both sides.  Because if I don’t choose, I  will eventually fall into the void.  That’s just how life is.

I can’t remember a single scene where Indiana Jones retraced his steps back to where he started.  When he tried, poison darts shot out of walls / floors crumbled / huge Mayan statues crashed / gigantic stone spheres rolled down ancient booby-trapped temples.  Going backwards doesn’t typically end well.  Not in movies and usually not in real life.

Another Collective Soul Song

I already shared that song ‘Maybe‘ with you.  Here’s another called ‘Blame’.  The lyric that grabbed my attention was:

When life is your constant, lay the blame on me.

In other words… when the changes of everyday life are the only thing you can count on, lay the blame on God.  God is in control after all.

Turns out that the actual words are different.  It really goes… When LOVE is your constant…

[Sometimes I hear what I want to hear… or maybe it’s what I need to hear.]

Love changes everything.  It always has and it always will.

Love is what makes it possible to leave behind and reach forward.  It is the strength to take another deep breath / crack the whip / swing to the other side… the agility to elude the poison darts and outsmart toppling statues.

When love is your constant, all things are possible.

All shall be well.


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