Life In A Nutshell

Compliments of the Wyoming Highway Department… thanks!

15.5 years… 300k+ miles driven.

3 parishes… 1 diocese with 2 offices.

9 VBS’s… over 1100 participants.

9 First Communion classes… 500+ kids.

16 Confirmation classes… 550+ teens confirmed.

5 World Youth Day pilgrimages… 4 continents… 4 passports… 300+ pilgrims.

1000’s of wonderful people… some difficult… a few very difficult.

A dozen or so priests… 3 bishops… several ordinations.

1 very skiddish deer!  CRASH :/

5 car accidents… 1 great understanding insurance agent!

14 Fall Conferences… 8 hair colors… over 1000 youth.

3 SpringFests (a diocesan record!)… 4 ND Vision’s… 1 OBOC… 3 AMM’s… 2 NCCYM’s… 1 NCYC… 1 CTW… 1 Chimbote, Peru trip.

8 bazillion youth group nights and meetings.

7 million RE classes.

Approximately 1000 Masses… majority with guitar-in-hand.

12 years of swim meets / soccer games / softball tourneys.

Knowing the location of every swimming pool / softball field / soccer complex / Catholic church in the state.

A few Nordic ski races thrown in.

3 high schools / 2 junior highs / 2 elementary schools.

5 Power-Moves.

298 blog posts.

Gallons of blood / buckets of sweat / boat-loads of tears.

Every moment… priceless.

Goodbye Wyo.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Ronald of Richmond says:

    Impressive stats.. certainly worthy of All American status – wife, mother, teacher, companion, friend, spiritual advisor and many other categories

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