The only true voyage of discovery is not to visit strange lands,
but to possess new eyes.

Marcel Proust

I came across this quote again about a week ago.  It speaks deeply to my Trekkie nature and also to the Buddha in me.  [The word Buddha means “I am awake!”]

As I reflect in prayer this morning, I wonder how we come to possess new eyes.

I feel quite certain that we can’t merely wish it upon ourselves.  That might work temporarily but I don’t think it lasts.

An AHA moment… or a conversion experience… often gives us new eyes.  Those too we don’t manufacture.  They just come.

Is there a way to get new eyes?

Like all good things in the spiritual life, I think it comes through the seeker’s journey.  New sight requires an intentional effort and desire… maybe even more than that… an attitude adjustment.

When new insight or learning enlightens us in the moment, we are passive recipients… for the most part.  God takes advantage of the chink in our armor and blows us away with a tidbit of new wisdom.

But if we are on the true voyage of discovery that means we are trying to see with new eyes… we are working our way to God deliberately… and a lot of times… with great fervor.

In a meeting yesterday I said out loud again:

For all of this ministry career I have been wanting to be part of a team that I could give my whole self over to… to be part of a worthy adventure.

The voyage of discovery is the worthy adventure.

I’ll leave you with another great quote by one of my favorite authors… a bite to chew on for your voyage today:


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