Nothing has been routine or predictable.

It has been a crazy busy summer.  Totally.  In almost every way imaginable.  {That’s why these posts have been so irregular lately.}

In fact, it has been like this for quite a stretch.

I can’t remember the last real vacation we had… one that didn’t involved moving or some kind of ministry activity or family event.

I am hoping that will happen this weekend… we’re looking at going over to Yosemite!  [It’s exciting that we are in new territory and closer to a whole bunch of new adventures!]

I need some normal.

Even though almost everyone I know is the same-kind-of-crazy-busy… from where I stand many appear to have what I call a ‘normal’ life.  [Let me qualify and admit that yes… I understand that ‘normal’ is relative and entirely unique for every person.]

To me… ‘normal’ looks like… living in the same city/house for extended periods of life… setting down roots and building a life… enjoying activities with family and friends that don’t involve work… taking time to play and relax without a hidden agenda like moving or work camp or any prescribed To-Do’s or reading list.  {Oh boy… it does really sound like I need a vacation…}

Go to work.  Do the work.  Leave the work.  Come home.

Go away.  All the way away.  Leave it behind.  Come back.

I know lots of other people in the world do this.  I need to do it too.

The paradox…

… is that:  I’m allergic to boredom!

After not too long, routine and predictability transform my life to boredom and I get restless and then I have to go and stir things up.

As I look back on life I can name some pretty obvious signs that show the world [especially my husband!] that I am bored.

  • Rearrange all the furniture in the living room… sometimes the whole house!
  • Chop all the unruly bushes in the yard… and sometimes the neighbor’s yard!
  • Get a perm and make my hair all curly!

I have no regrets.

None whatsoever.  Life is too short to regret or second-guess any of the decisions we’ve made about where to live / what kind of work to do / how and to whom we’ve given our time and energy.

But for now, I need some normal.

To settle down into this new life.  To quiet my brain from all the decision-making.  To unpack a few boxes… literally and metaphorically.  To renew my creative spirit.

I feel like I should ask permission of someone… maybe just myself.

Take all the time you need my dear.

Okay… time’s up.


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