Vacation in Yosemite

Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View

Finally!  A chance to get-out-of-Dodge and head for the hills.  Yosemite National Park!

A most remarkable getaway destination… take a peek.

We found a place to pitch our tent on the west side of the park and spent a wonderful weekend exploring the territory.

Cool Conversation

And then there’s always a story… wherever we go / whatever we do… there always seems to be a story.

On Saturday, we headed into Yosemite Valley and parked near one of the shuttle stops.  I was putting on my socks and hiking shoes when a car pulled into the spot in front of us.  A man and two teenage boys got out and began talking with my husband.

“Hi!  Where are you from?”
“Reno,” Dean replied.
“Yea?  How do you like it?”  His license plates are also from Nevada.
“Oh, I’ve only been here about a month… but it’s good so far.”
“Where did you come from before that?”
“Casper.  Wyoming.  Yea… it seems like a nice place.”
“Welcome!  I think you’re really going to like it here!”  He holds out his hand to shake and says, “By the way, I’m the governor of Nevada.”

I pop my head from my sock and look over… it’s Brian Sandoval.  Yes… the Governor of Nevada!

What a cool conversation!  A nice exchange about family vacations and hiking trails / a little about life and work / and what a beautiful setting Yosemite is.  It was a great way to start the day.  [Btw… the governor and his boys were off to some pretty intense trails!]

The Gift

And then he hands us a Governor’s coin… I’ve never seen one before.  It’s pretty cool.

I think it’s so amazing how little things all work together to make people / places / circumstances converge onto one another.  Most people never get to meet their governor… and it only took a month for Dean!  Less than a year for me!

Is it random chance or is there some greater purpose at work?

More on those thoughts later this week.

Peace out!


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  1. Ron says:

    EM. You’ve always been good when speaking with people in high places!
    R of R

  2. […] when it turned out that the friendly stranger at the Yosemite parking lot was the Governor of Nevada, I started wondering… was that encounter random chance or greater […]

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