The book on top

This is turning out to be one of those books that takes a long time to read because I can only read a few paragraphs before I have to stop and process / reflect / pray / discern / wrestle / chew… A Sacred Voice is Calling by John Neafsey.

It was on my shelf for a good long while before I cracked it open.  Now I use it for morning meditation and prayer in the wee hours before-sun-with-coffee-journal-and-pen in hand.  Here’s a tidbit from today:

I am grateful beyond words for the grace of this woman’s life, for her sensible, unflinching rightness of mind, her long and lonely truth, her journey to the heart of things.  I think of her as one who simply helped us, in a time of self-inflicted blindness, to see… She urged our consciences off the beaten track… She did this, first of all, by living as though the truth were true.

by Daniel Berrigan in The Long Loneliness
the autobiography of Dorothy Day

What a great thought… living as though the truth were true.

Do I live that way?

The only known photograph of God… by Thomas Merton

This passage touched some profound place in me this morning… like I said… I have to wrestle and chew the unwritten implications of this phrase.

The best answer I can come up with is… I try.  I try to live as if everything Jesus taught and said were true.  I try to give myself over to everything that serves God and others.

I fail… often… sometimes miserably… sometimes in ways that only I know and recognize.

But still I try.

There is always a higher plane.

And I seek to step up one day.  I am driven to reach higher… to move beyond what I can see and feel… toward some intangible plane that beckons me to become more than the spit-and-mud-clay-self-that-I-am.

I pursue the sacred voice that is calling me.

Even on the days that feel tight and chaotic and restless.  I pursue.

And then I think of the Hound of Heaven… and Thomas Merton… and Dorothy Day.

Isn’t it comforting to know that in all our pursuit
God was already pursuing us.



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