These are my people.

Lately we’ve been watching episodes of one of my very favorite television shows ever:  The Big Bang Theory!

Oh my… the jokes are so funny… the characters are so vibrant… the scenarios are so ludicrous.  It totally cracks me up!

If I am completely forthcoming with you… which I will be… because we’re friends… I think I laugh so hard at this show because these are my people.

As if the truth were true

( ^ btw… that’s a link ^ )

True confession time… I too am a nerd.

If you know me in person, you may find this hard to believe.  [Then again… maybe not.]

[When my friend Fr. Bill wants to rile me up, he jabs… You are such a nerd!]  [Which is okay because I call him a dork.]

I started my adult life as an electrical engineer and I went to a pretty-intense-nothing-other-than-engineering-degrees-college.  Everyone in my world for those 4.5 years was some shade of Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Except me, of course.

And then I went onto work in a corporate engineering environment and it was much the same.  More science nerds… all to varying degrees or another.

Then life turned… as it often does.

Entering Nerd-dom!

We are all descended from ancient nerds… see early artifact “Geek Vase”.

I morphed into a church nerd.  Quite unwittingly, I might add.

I don’t think nerd-dom is a path you choose.

I think it just somehow finds you.

As I reflected in prayer-and-coffee this morning, I’m thinking that just about everyone has an inner nerd.

Wait!  Wait!  Wait!

Don’t click away.

Let me explain.

What drives you?

What keeps you up at night?  What do you always wish you were doing rather than what you actually are doing?  What motivates your spirit and soul to move forward and grow?

Self-help gurus will label that your purpose or passion or actualization.

I call it nerd-dom.

The thing you are always dreaming of when you first wake up in the morning?

That’s your inner nerd speaking.

Your Inner Nerd

My guess is that you’re pretty accomplished at it too.

No matter what it is… engineering / music / art / fishing / golfing / parenting / preaching / teaching / speaking / movie-making / baking / skiing / drawing / dreaming / imagining / painting / programming / leading / cleaning / creating / caring / living… you’ve put in countless hours of time and energy crafting and honing your skills.

Face it.  On some level… you could be a nerd too.

My next plus-one (+1) thought is… nerd-dom is at the heart of vocation.

It’s all good.

Don’t fret if you’re suddenly looking at yourself with new clarity.  Probably no one will recognize your inner nerd.

But if they do, it’s okay.

It’s very hip and trendy to be a nerd these days!

Peace out.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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