We’ve been out a few times since the Bucket List Adventure crewing and chasing balloons across the hills outside of Truckee, California.  It’s always an early morning wake-up call but a wonderfully prayerful way for me to start a weekend.

Two days ago, this was my birds-eye view on creation.

A static picture doesn’t do it justice.  The mist was swirling over the water.  The air was crisp and clear.  We could see Lassen Peak in the distance more than 100 miles away.  Absolutely gorgeous!

One Trick

Balloonists have several devices to measure wind speed / direction / elevation… but my favorite is pretty low-tech:  Spit.

Watch the spit as it falls to the ground and it will fly one direction or another depending on the air layer it hits.  [ Now if you’re concerned about getting spit on from a hot-air balloon, don’t worry.  It evaporates long before it ever reaches ground. ]

Sometimes Spit Lies

But as we found out the other day… sometimes spit lies.  When we descended to the layer where the spit flew north, the balloon actually turned west.  Who knew?!?!

And it wasn’t going to be a problem… except that the chase crew was already heading north and there weren’t any real good landing sites in the west.

H m m m…. what to do when spit lies.

There’s nothing much you can do.  If the winds take you west, you have to go west.  [ At least in a hot-air balloon, you do. ]

Always a Lesson

But maybe that’s the bigger life lesson as well.

If we say we want to follow Jesus… to do God’s will… to be hands and feet on earth… then we have to be open and willing to go where the winds of Spirit will take us.

I don’t know about you but that is super-hard for me.  Most days I’m pretty sure I can take care of myself just fine.

But sometimes spit lies.

Not on purpose, mind you.  Spit happens.  And I am at the mercy of the wind.

* * Side note:  When I got back on the ground and out of the basket [ that’s balloon-lingo… are you impressed 😉 ] my soul was at rest.  What a beautiful morning to be high!


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Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Susan Lovato says:

    Elaine Here’s to your highness. Luv reading about your adventures and challenges. Always a lesson worth sharing. grateful that you are. –Susan– Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 16:34:07 +0000 To:

  2. […] already wrote about how sometimes the spit lies.  And while there is a certain level of control that a pilot has to chart direction, really […]

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