Smart Guys

Balloon pilots have tremendous knowledge and skill.  It’s pretty critical if you want to maneuver a 105k cubic foot mass of hot air so that you don’t dump yourself or your passengers.  [I… for one… as a rider appreciate that skill sincerely!]

My friend Vince, the pilot, constantly talks to his balloon and to the wind as we sail across Prosser Reservoir.  Sometimes he also talks to me… but just for a few minutes at at time.

I already wrote about how sometimes the spit lies.  And while there is a certain level of control that a pilot has to chart direction, really there’s not as much as one would assume.

So it was funny the other day when he said “Don’t make me use my vent!”  The wind and the balloon were misbehaving.

And I Thought

… well, I misbehave sometimes.

Ahhh!  That’s when God pulls the vent cord on me.  To let out some of my hot air… deflate my ego a bit.

It’s never a punishment.  I don’t believe God does that to anyone… even when we screw up royally.  God doesn’t punish us.

But I have… on more than one occasion… been knocked off my high-and-mighty only to fall in the mud.  To be humbled so I can recognize two things…

#1… that I’m not in control…

and #2… that I’m not better than anyone else.

These are generally the two lessons that I forget and so God uses every opportunity to pound them into my thick skull.

Oh yea… and a third… Btw… I’m God, not you.

I try not to make God use the vent.

But I’m still a work in progress.

Poco a poco… little by little… I am learning.


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  1. hidesertthoughts says:

    O GOD, yes!!!! I know that feeling…

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