I don’t get it.

I just SO do not understand why some people feel they are entitled to something.  Anything!  Whatever it is!

That word has been swirling around my world lately… in unexpected corners… online… and in-my-face.  It’s such a turn-off.

And it seems to always be about stupid stuff.  Like swindling a business for free products… blasting someone online with hurtful words… or my recent favorite… sitting in the front seat of the car because the air conditioning is better.

Why do some people think that the world owes them?

Three Lines

Dean has this saying:  God doesn’t have to give us anything.

To which I reply:  Yes… but God wants to give us everything.

And the next line is:  We really don’t deserve any of it.

It’s all a gift.

We receive because God so generously gives.

That means we bear the responsibility of using these gifts well.  The heart of stewardship.

We can’t accuse one generation more than another.

Baby-Boomers and older are quick to point fingers at Millennials who want high salaries without working for it.  Young adults berate elders who drive huge gas-guzzlers refusing to acknowledge their role in global warming.

Despite these notions that paying into the system entitles one to free health care or that decades of hard work entitles one to ignore the plight of those in poverty or that simply being a purchasing customer entitles one to a deep discount…

none of us deserves the good that we have.

And vice versa… no one deserves the struggle and sacrifice they have.

Free Will

Of course, free will always plays a part in this conversation.  But I’m not talking about that here.

I’m referring to the everyday circumstances where we start to feel that we are more deserving than someone else… for whatever logical reason we can try and justify.

Honestly… there will never be any way to rationalize entitlement.

Asymmetrical help is why we even have breath in our lungs.

Think about that a bit… then reflect on what you’re actually entitled to.

That’s my prayer for the day.  [ More like a lifetime. ]


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