More and More

I am feeling like the days are just passing too quickly anymore.

I am consumed with too much that doesn’t really matter in the long run.

I want to give better energy to the important things in my life.

What speaks to the heart

Sometimes all you can do is go hug a giant sequoia.

I think I am in the ‘Whatever’ stage in life… though I’m not entirely sure what that means.

I just seem to be saying Whatever a lot… especially to situations that in the past were huge and dramatic.

Nowadays, they are fairly inconsequential.

Perhaps I am growing up!

Now wouldn’t that be something!

But what speaks to my heart these days is the notion that there are not enough days left to waste… not even one… on anything that doesn’t lead to happiness.

Three special people in my life are very sick… one with congestive heart problems / another just diagnosed with bone cancer / a third in a deepening battle with MS.

No… there is no time to waste on living poorly.

The Whatever’s

Each of the circumstances where I hear myself responding with Whatever are petty and insignificant when compared to what is coming up.  And I think God is giving me the chance now to practice letting go of them.

I would have never thought this way even a few months ago… but today it is so very clear.

When I worry about money… I hear my uncle’s voice pounding in my head:  There is always a job… there is ALWAYS a job!

When I feel exasperated by decisions beyond my control… I hear my friend saying:  Line your belly with asbestos so the fire doesn’t consume you.

When I cry tears of fear and uncertainty for the future… I hear God telling me in prayer:  Trust me… you are not alone.

From this day forward, I promise to try and live better days.

Fare forward, thou Voyager.


About Elaine Menardi

Heading off on a new adventure! I solve problems and make ideas happen.

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  1. Ronald of Richmond says:

    Excellent message for living each day and placing life and Christ’s teaching in perspective. R of R

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