I [heart] Hawaii!

Aulani on Friday… 14 September 12.

You know what I just love about Hawaii… is that you can live everyday life with the windows open!

The climate is moderate enough that the outside world can mingle with the inside world… most of the time [ or at least while I am here 🙂 ].

That’s such a gift!

When the doors and windows are open, you can hear the birds… feel the wind… smell the earth.

Even if you’re not right on top of it, all of creation is waiting beside you… present but for the intention to reach out and touch.

Even in a blizzard

I think that’s why I always crack a window.  Always.  Even in the throes of a blizzard.

I want to… I need to… keep that membrane permeable between the inside world and the outside world.

That’s such a metaphor for the spiritual life too… isn’t it?  Where the inside world is me… and the outside world is God.

How do I make sure to leave a cracked window for God to get in?  How am I intentional about letting God reach in and touch my heart? And me reaching out to call on God?


I think about how insulated I am in my everyday world… locked up in my car driving to and fro… closed off in an office with windows that cannot open… shut tight at home to keep the air-conditioned cool in.

So I frequently walk around the marina… when it’s not too hot… I drive with my windows down… I make my husband go camping in Yosemite… all because I need to be closer / more in touch with creation.

It breathes life into my soul.

And I find peace.

Good Medicine

Hawaii has been good medicine… not simply because it’s Hawaii [ but it is! ] …

O’ahu is beautiful!  My people… I have come home to you.

Thank you for the plumeria around my neck and your open arms.

seeing endless possibilities at ala moana beach park in honolulu!


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