Show Me the Money!

We are constantly trying to prove our worth in order to convince ourselves… that we are enough.

Which is silly, don’t you think?

Why?  Because we are made in the image of God.  We already have a divine nature.  We are already worthy.

Our core is original blessing, not original sin.  {click for more… page 28.}

Yea… but…

Yea… but what about sin?  We’re human.  We sin.  That makes us bad.

Wrong.  Sin doesn’t make us bad.

I think God already knew we were going to sin… he was hoping we wouldn’t… but I’m guessing that he had an inkling.  And he still made us anyway.  That’s pretty cool.

We tend to think of sin as all those naughty things we do… we know we shouldn’t, but we do… and so therefore we are horribly bad people because we do them anyway.

Sin is the loss of any inner experience of who you are in God.   {page 29.}

The “who” is nothing you can earn or get or buy through any merit-badge-point system.

God already gave it to us!  And it is good!

Wake Up!

What the Bible does is teach us about awakening not accomplishing… about realization… not about performance.

Jesus never says:  Come to me when you’ve overcome your sin and are perfect.

He always says:  Come to me now… just as you are.

But we like performance better.

We can hold it.  Measure it.  Evaluate it.  Compare ourselves to others who don’t do it as well as we do.

God likes me better because ______________.  [ Fill-in-the-blank in order to one-up the world. ]

And so we are constantly trying to prove our own worth just so we can convince ourselves that we deserve God’s love.

When in fact… we already have it.  God gave it to us freely.

We are loved just because.

Maybe that’s too hard to believe… too good to be true… it requires an exceptional humility of us to accept a gift we don’t think we deserve.  That says so much about God and reveals so much about us.

So the real task is to Wake Up! {click for more} to our own great worth.

Don’t worry so much about what you have or what you can do.

God already knows.  God’s love never fails.  Never.


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