I love football!

Really I do.  And like a lot of fans across the world, I didn’t like the bad call in last Monday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.  If you don’t know the story… click HERE.

The basic gist is this:

  1. Seattle’s quarterback launches a Hail Mary pass to the end-zone in the final seconds of the game.
  2. A Green Bay defender appears to intercept the ball in the middle of the crowd.
  3. By the time all the players have emerged from the dog-pile, the Seattle receiver also has his hands on the ball.
  4. The replacement officials decide it is a simultaneous catch / the offensive receiver takes precedence / Seattle wins the game.

According to everyone except Seattle, there were multiple fouls which should have voided the catch… aka… Green Bay should have won.  [ Try convincing Pete Carroll of that and you’d lose. ]

Simply Amazing!

This whole week has seen a barrage of angry tweets / blogs / talk shows / articles about the incompetency of the replacement officials… guys who were drafted into an arena of officiating that many would admit was beyond their frame of reference or experience.  I am inclined to believe they were doing the best they could given the time restraints they inherited.

And so NFL league administrators began in earnest to work out their disagreements with the regular months-long-locked-out NFL officials.

Lo and behold!  It took less than 3 days for all of them to announce good news:  We’re back!

In fact, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tells fans “you deserve better than games worked by replacement officials” and he releases a statement to the media.

The speed in which these negotiations were completed was simply amazing!

Imagine this:

What could happen if achieving world peace was as important as the National Football League and its priorities for making money?


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